Monday, July 28, 2008

Taxi prices in Greece

There is a minimum charge for each trip of €2.50 in Athens and €2.70 in rural towns. The meters starts at €1.80.
The price per kilometer within the city limits is €0.32, and €0.60 per kilometer outside city limits or at night (midnight to 5:00 AM) in the city.

Passenger pick-up, and drop-off at ports, railways, and bus stations add €0.80 to the price of the hire, and each luggage over 10 kilograms costs another €0.30.

The price for taxi service to and from the Athens Airport is €35-40

These prices are valid for all taxis, and usually you can pick up a taxi at their station in central parts of towns, or you can flag one from the side of the road. Here are a few other prices you should know about taxis in Greece: Calling a taxi to come to you would cost €1.50, and the price for a taxi to wait for you is €7.90 per hour.

The taxi meter must be set at the beginning of each trip, and the passenger is obligate to pay only the ammount on the meter at the end of the trip (plus extras like luggage, airport service etc.). People in Greece don’t usually tip a taxi driver.

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