Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Athens metro lines and tickets

The Metro Lines
The Metro in Athens is brand new and extensions to the existing lines are still being built. The Metro Lines (2 and 3) connect with Line 1, which is the old Electric train line (only part of this line is underground - great for sightseeing!). Line 1 and 3 connect in the centre at Monastiraki (near the Acropolis).
The existing lines are as follows
Line 1 (green) is completed (Kifisia to Pireas).
Line 2 (red) completed part: from Agios Andonios to Agios Dimitrios/Al.Panagoulis.
Line 3 (blue) completed part: from Egaleo to Doukissis Plakendias, where it connects with the new Suburban train from the airport.


Metro (Lines 2 & 3)
The price of the ticket is 0.80 euros. Tickets *must* be validated before boarding, through the special Ticket Validating Machines installed inside the stations. Each ticket is valid for 90 minutes from the time of its validation and for Lines 2, 3 or Line 1 interchanges. It is not valid for return via the route already covered. This means: If you take e.g. Line 3 from Ethniki Amyna, change at Syntagma to Line 2, then change at Omonia to Line 1 (continue e.g. to Pireas) you use the same ticket (validating it only the first time).
Hours of operation: 05.30-24.00

Electric train (ISAP) (Line 1)
Tickets are according to fare zones:
1st zone: Pireas - Monastiraki (see map)
2nd zone: Monastiraki - Ano Patissia
3rd zone: Ano Patissia - Kifissia
Hours of operation: 05.00-00.30

Suburban rail

The line from Athens Airport was extended and it now reaches Pireas (Piraeus - Athens' port) in about 50 minutes. The ticket costs 6 euros one-way.

Tickets: 0.70 euros for a trip between one or two consecutive zones, 0.80 euros for a trip between the three zones and for correspondence to Metro Lines 2 and 3. Ticket is valid also for 90 minutes for a single journey in one direction.

Tickets for either train or Metro can be bought at every station (and only there, NOT in kiosks etc., unlike bus tickets). There are selling counters and automatic machines (the latter require change in coins).
24 hour/airport tickets, allows 1 trip only: to or from the airport (valid for 24 hours from the time of first validation) and for the express bus lines. Can be bought at any station for 3.20 euros.
A 7-day ticket costs 10.00 euros and gives you unlimited travel for all public transport for 7 days (validate only once, at the beginning).

The penalty for those travelling without a valid ticket is 18 to 48 euros, charged on the spot.

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