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Athens airport

The New Athens Airport - Eleftherios Venizelos [Opened in 2001]

Airport telephone number: 210-353 0000.
Luggage carts (baggage trolleys) are available at 1.50 euros.
The airport is designed to cater for disabled people.

Airport information website:

Baggage store: Pacific Left Luggage - Level 0/Arrivals. Tel. 210-353 0160.

Getting to and from Athens airport to the centre of Athens by Metro, train & express bus
The easiest & fastest way:
Airport to the centre of Athens, Monastiraki (and vice versa): in only 45 minutes!
* Suburban train leaving from the airport and connecting with Metro Line 3 at Plakendias station. You can continue on Line 3 to the centre (Syntagma or Monastiraki) or change to Line 1, at Monastiraki station, to continue to Pireas port.
* Also, some of the metro trains of Line 3 "surface" at the Plakendias station and continue all the way to the airport. There is a train (Metro or Suburban, alternating) every 15 minutes.
NEW: The Suburban (above ground) rail from Athens airport was extended and now goes all the way to Pireas port (takes about 50 minutes).
* Metro (or Metro & Suburban rail) tickets Monastiraki to Airport (and vice versa) cost 6.00 euros one-way, 10.00 euros return.

*Useful: Information about traveling from Athens airport to the centre or port (or wherever) on Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA) and on on the Athens Airport site.
More about the new Suburban train ("Proastiakos") routes. Tel. 210-5272 000.
Athens Metro website (poorly designed and slow site!)
Also, on our site, see below and more information about Lines, connections and tickets, or see the Athens Metro map and Athens centre map (with the Metro Lines on).

Driving from the Airport to Athens centre.
Tip: Follow signs for "ELEFSINA" until you see signs for Athens/centre (strangely there are no signs saying "Athens" to begin with!)

Buses leave from Door 5 of the Arrivals level.
Tickets costs 2.90 euros, valid on all means of public transport for 24 hours (but only one trip only to or from the airport). You use the same ticket for the entire journey or a bit of sightseeing on the way!
More about buses and other transport from the airport on the OASA website.

X94 Express bus to the Metro station, "Ethiniki Amyna" on the signs, better known as Pentagono (travelling time: 50-70 minutes).
First bus 07.30, last bus 21.55 (frequency 10-20 minutes).

X95 Express bus to the centre, (Syntagma) (average travelling time: 70-90 minutes). Every 10-30 minutes, 24 hours a day (travelling time: 70-80 minutes).
Connecting with Metro Lines 2 & 3.

X96 express bus, all the way to Pireas taking a route that avoids the centre of Athens, partially along the coast (travelling time: 90-120 minutes).
Every 20-40 minutes, 24 hours a day.

From Pireas buses start at Karaiskaki Square - opposite Strintzis Shipping company at the port

Taxis at the airport

There is a taxi rank at Door 3 of the Arrivals level. Taxis cost about 30 euros to the centre; 35 euros to Pireas - plus 3 euros airport surcharge (the meter stays at tariff 1 for these trips, except after midnight, when tariff 2 applies). Taxis charge 0.30 euros more for each piece of luggage over 10 kilos.
Recommendation: try to adjust your position in the taxi line to coincide with a newer looking taxi - whether you get into a shiny new Mercedes or a battered old Fiat, you pay the same rate.

Limousine service: Level 0/Arrivals (between Doors 3 and 4). Tel. 210-353 0100.

Parking at the airport
Short-term (less than 4 hours): P1 & P2
Up to 20 minutes: free of charge
21 minutes-1 hour: 3.00 euros, over 1 hour: 2.10 euros/hour.
Long-term: P3
Up to 1 hour: 3.00 euros, up to 2 hours: 5.00 euros, up to 3 hours: 7.00 euros etc.

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