Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rafina- a daytrip from Athens

Rafina is on the other side of Mount Pendeli and Himitos. It's like driving to an island.
There are numerous restaurants that specialize in fried squid (kalamarakia), small fried fish(mareedes), shark with garlic sauce (galeos me skordaya) and other things from the sea.
If you love fried fish, beer, ouzo, wine and afternoons where you can drink and relax and not worry about tonight or tomorrow, spend an afternoon in Rafina.
There are ferries going to the Cyclades and Evia, going in and out of the harbor and lots of fishing boats. It's just like being on an island. There is a long beach there that is usually only crowded on Sunday. In the summer it's a very busy port with ships going in and out and the restaurants full of people.

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